clarĸe "prιnceѕѕ" grιғғιn
13 July 2017 @ 10:22 am



backtagging my lifeblood, tbh.
threadhopping down with it.
fourthwalling with discussion, perhaps!
offensive subjects rl violence toward very young children.


physical contact she's a fairly touchy-feely character, and with people she likes she will instigate it.
romance here for it, tbh. she loves too quickly and too easily. just be aware her affections come with a 70% mortality rate.
fighting yes pls. she's not much of a fighter but she'll get up again nodataim.
injuries or death let's talk about it, but i'm open to the possibility.
timeline totally flexible; i can take her from p much any season point.


clarke/bellamy ✔✔✔
clarke/lexa, clarke/roan, clarke/raven, clarke/wells ✔✔
clarke/finn / this can be done, but only if it's played out realistically with how unhealthy it is.
clarke/octavia, clarke/jaha, clarke/kane, clarke/abbey


this series deals with a metric truckload of violence, horror, torture and murder. please let me know in the screened comments if you prefer for those topics not to be mentioned in tags, or if you prefer not to have my character tag yours altogether.